Post Incident

If a driver is involved in an accident, statistically they are at a much higher risk of having a repeat incident within a year. Company Fleet and Health and Safety representatives are very active in recommending Post Incident Training for all company drivers who are involved in a crash or collision.

Whether a driver is at fault, or innocently involved in an incident it is unsurprising that they will change their driving style. Our courses are designed to help people to safely assess which changes to their driving will help them and which may inadvertently put them at greater risk.

We work to improve a driver's safety, concentrating on safe and confident driving, improving driver attitude to other road users or overcoming driving nerves and returning to full efficiency, or better.

  • Accreditation: RoSPA
  • Duration: 1/2 a day or a full day, depending on the driver's needs
  • Venue: Dependent upon needs - post incident training should be undertaken in familiar areas, while covering similar situations to the original incident.
  • Trainer: DSA Registered Trainer (ADI) Approved Driving Instructor
  • Benefits: Returning employees to their driving role confident and stress free, while hopefully improving attitude and efficiency
  • Cost: From £300/candidate

For more information on Post Incident training for drivers after an accident, contact us: